Remembering the life of Marquis Sutton

FRESNO, Calif.

In the days following, the Clovis West football players and their classmates collected donations to give to Marquis Sutton's family. The Clovis West campus is hoping to help out anyway it can.

Clovis West Deputy Principal Joe Aiello said, "We just wanted tonight to recognize Marquis and support the Edison community."

In less than two hours, cheerleaders, football players and student leaders from both schools will meet in the middle of the field. A bouquet of flowers with both Edison and Clovis West colors will be given to Marquis' team. The young victim's picture will be displayed on the score board - during a moment of silence. Fresno police say Marquis was killed Monday night - after being taunted by Terrance Lee with a revolver. Investigators say marquis was shot while trying to get away from Lee.

"Educators are so invested into their students and any time someone loses a student athlete that's incredibly difficult," Aiello said. "We know how that feels, we lost students at Clovis West and we want to be there to support Edison through this tough time."

Clovis West says it asked Edison High School whether the two teams should even play tonight. But Edison's athletic director felt its best for the players to maintain some normalcy during this difficult time. The ceremony for Marquis will happen around 7:45 tonight.

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