Fresno looks to smooth the high speed rail route

FRESNO, Calif.

The public works department is asking for an underpass to be built at Ventura and G Street, and for an overpass to be built at Church and East. Both moves would ease traffic flow after the project is built, and during construction.

Scott Mozier said, "Also to phase the construction to keep roads open, not close them all at the same time."

Assistant Public Works Director Scott Mozier told the city council the city had a second chance to ask for these changes because the high speed rail authority changed the proposed rail alignment through Kings County and as a result had to reopen the whole stretch from Fresno to Bakersfield to comments and suggestions.

Mozier said, "The city is looking to lessen impacts on businesses, and to make the construction smoother and lessen the impacts on the community."

One big problem for the city is Railroad Avenue. Under the plans the entire street and many of the businesses would be removed. The city is asking the authority to consider taking a little less property.

Along with everything else that will have to go, the historic sign welcoming folks to Fresno, then known as the "Best Little City in the USA". The plan is to take the sign down and then reassemble it, once they find a suitable location.

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