New trend in hairstyling sweeping the Valley

FRESNO, Calif.

Clients at Spectrum salon in Northwest Fresno are filling the chairs at the new, blow dry bar. The latest trend in hair styling is heating up across the country and in the Valley.

In less than an hour clients can get a shampoo, a special, conditioning treatment and a blow dry and style, called a blow out.

"You can come in before you have a special event, when you get off work if you're going out that night. It can last you through the weekend," stylist April Booher said.

Stylists at the blow dry bar are specially trained in techniques to give their clients a customized service. Clients can order a style out of a menu book.

Busy Fresno wife and mom Heather Dominico is wants a look she rarely has time to achieve at home.

"My hair is very thin and it just seems to go flat all the time, so I'm looking for some body," Dominico said.

Sandra Pasillas also juggles a busy schedule at work and home and hopes to learn a few tips.

"Not everybody knows how to blow dry their hair right so if you come in here and get this treatment done, then you can take that home and you can do it as well," Pasillas said.

Stylist Chandra Thompson says the blow dry bar is a modern twist on the days when women used to make weekly visits to the salon.

"Our mothers and grandmothers did that on a weekly basis. They would go in , get their hair done, their nails done and so it allows us to have that really personal experience with them," Thompson said.

Blow dry bar prices are designed to not blow out your budget. Styling starts at $35 dollars and clients have the option of adding a $25 conditioning treatment.

Clients can add a special treatment to their service at the blow dry bar at spectrum salon. In fact, it's customized to their hair needs. Stylists can mix formulas such as one for shine and one for volume that's applied to the hair. The conditioning effect will last long after the blow-dried style.

Blow outs are getting so popular another salon is set to open soon in River Park in North Fresno, called Blown Away.

Owners of "blow-out bars" say some clients are booking "blow dry parties" with their friends, getting a group of women together to "let their hair down" while they get done up.

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