Finding the perfect Christmas tree

FRESNO, Calif.

With six-year-old Jackson at the lead, the Durbin family of Clovis spent their morning searching for the perfect Christmas tree. Every year, this Valley family makes it a tradition to get a tree the day after Thanksgiving.

The Patch in Clovis sells hundreds of trees each year. When it comes to finding a tree, experts say it starts in the lot where you can make sure your tree is fresh.

"You can pull on it and none of the needles come off so that's one of the key things to tell you if it's dry or not," Jeff Spraetz said. "Then you can bend the branches."

But not everyone will cut down their trees, some will opt for artificial trees. Stores are offering everything from trees that look almost real to those that are festive. A Target store in north Fresno was decked with trees of all heights and all styles.

Natalie Blankenship said, "I like the artificial because I can store it and it doesn't cost as much in the long run and I don't have to throw it away, but I like the smell of the fresh trees."

You'll find the trend of brightly colored trees, which are also a hit for people who like to showcase their holiday spirit.

From imitation to the real thing, valley residents say there are plenty of choices for everyone. And after searching for several minutes, Jackson spotted one tree that was just right.

Jackson Durbin said, "Because it has longer branches out so I can hang things easier."

Now with they've found that perfect tree... the fun of decorating can begin.

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