Wet weather dampens some weekend plans

FRESNO, Calif.

Many people Action News talked to are happy with the chilly weather leading up to the holidays, but not everyone was thrilled with the wet weather.

Downtown streets flooded after Sunday's downpour that started around noon and soaked the Valley all day.

In Northeast Fresno traffic was slow going. But not all drivers minded the driving conditions.

"It's a little heavy but you have to have patience, patience is a virtue," Barry Gleeson of Fresno said.

Gleeson came ready with his umbrella and he's grateful for the rain.

"I think it's absolutely wonderful because it clears the air, it's good for the farms because we need the rain and also the most important thing is we need the snow in the mountains for the summer for the irrigation," Gleeson said.

Many took refuge at the movies on Sunday to get away from the storm. Kathy Howell and her husband were among them. Howell loves this December drizzle.

"I love the rain, I tell you there is no better way to get ready for Christmas than the rain, the cooler weather the breeze the lights are brighter in the rain," Howell said.

But not everyone is a fan of the wet weather.

Jose Nunez works at Bad Buds. The carwash is usually empty in these showers.

"As soon as the rain stops then they come back and then it's lines out the door again getting car washes," Nunez said.

But anything warm sells quick.

"Coffees, we are constantly making fresh pots of coffee all the time," Nunez said.

Quite a few people were also out getting holiday presents. They said the rain couldn't stop them from crossing off their Christmas list.

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