Mountain businesses hope for more snow


The raging rapids are in full force at the 4000 foot elevation in the Sierra Nevada's.

Ralph Anderson said, "It's nice being up here and seeing the weather get a little wet up here."

Anderson headed up the hills to deliver his works of art and enjoy the sunny skies after this weekend's downpour.

"Hopefully we get a little bit more up here so it's better for the water reserve," Anderson said.

Despite the recent rain business owners are hoping for more snow to attract customers from across the Valley.

Norman Kato said, "There's not a lot of people coming for the day so we're definitely off a little bit."

Norman Kato owns Shaver Coffee and Deli. He's hoping for more snow on these mountain tops. And banking on crowds stopping at his business when China Peak opens.

Kato said, "We knew it was going to be a warm storm so we kind of expected snow to be at the higher elevations."

Action News talked to staff members at the mountain resort over the phone who say the wet weather dampened this weekend's fresh powder, but they're hopeful for this weekend.

"While we are disappointed that it wasn't lower," Tim Cohee said. "If that snow had been 6000 feet as opposed 7000 feet we would have the entire mountain open right now."

Staff members say the goal is to have skiers on the upper mountain as early as Friday.

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