Memorial plaque gone missing in Farmersville


The solid brass plaque was nailed and sealed to a rock at the Farmersville Veteran's Memorial Park.

The plaque listed the names of Farmersville residents who lost their lives while serving their country.

Farmersville police believe the piece was taken by thieves looking to recycle it. The plaque cost the veterans nearly $1,500.00, but was probably only recycled for $30.00.

Al Vanderslice said, "It's just a shame what they did to our plaque and disgrace the honor of our veterans."

Mario Krstic said, "Just the thought of it to be cut up and sold for pennies on the dollar makes you upset."

Farmersville police notified several recyclers to look out for the plaque but it still hasn't been found.

Local veterans aren't sure how or when it will be replaced. The original plaque was paid for through donations.

In the video, Action News reporter Jessica Peres has complete coverage on the story.

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