New Year brings new leadership for Madera County

January 9, 2013 12:42:50 AM PST
The New Year brings new leadership for Madera County, as two new members join the board of supervisors. But one still hasn't been appointed.

The Madera County supervisors started 2013 off with a new board. On Tuesday, newly elected supervisor Rick Farinelli was sworn in. This past November, Farinelli won a tight race, beating his opponent by 61 votes.

"It feels great and I'm very emotional. It was a lot of hard work."

Farnielli took over the district three seat held by Ronn Dominici.

"Even with a new supervisor, the board is starting the New Year off with an empty seat, one that the Governor Jerry Brown will ultimately decide."

That's according to state law. The district one seat was vacated by Frank Bigelow, who won a term in the California State Assembly.

Newly elected chairman Max Rodriguez says he's never heard of the governor having to fill a supervisor seat in Madera County.

"So we're kind of excited anticipating who's going to be appointed," Rodriguez said. "Everyone's asking questions, 'who's it going to be?'"

The board is made up of mostly republicans and Chairman Max Rodriguez is the only democrat, thus far.

Rodriguez said, "So I'm hoping that a democrat will be appointed, I need allies up there."

Rodriguez believes that appointment could happen in February. But he says no matter the decision, both sides will work to do what's best for the people they serve.