Prayer vigil at Taft Union HS in response to shooting

January 12, 2013 12:03:22 AM PST
Hundreds attended a vigil at a public park on Friday night, in a show of support for the people of Taft, and for the teen who was wounded in Thursday's school shooting.

Community members, family, friends and ministers stood together, urging encouragement and prayer.

Taft Union High School Senior Kayla Schuyler told Action News, "As many things as can go wrong, there's great people here and we have big hearts and I love everyone here."

Schuyler struggled to get the images out of her head, and couldn't make sense of what happened at her high school. So she turned to her guitar, the one thing that has always helped her solve problems. She wrote a song about her community and about her wounded friend, and played it for the community.

"I picked up my guitar and I was so confused with everything and I music's been my outlet and I started praying to god and trying to understand the whole thing," Schuyler said.

She's hoping her friend, the teen who was wounded in the shooting will hear her words and heal. The Hayden family is also hoping the community will heal- through a mission of a different sort.

Anjewelina, 7, quietly walked through the crowd, handing out information about bullying. Her mom Angela Hayden heads an anti-bullying movement.

Hayden said, "We hand out pamphlets, keychains, ads in the paper, events like this, everyone knows we're with anti-bullying so they invite us to these events to spread the word about bullying."

It's a three year old campaign, one they launched when their now 11 year old son was bullied at school. They Hayden's say, they hope their town will take their message to heart, and hope it prevents another school shooting.

"Move forward," Hayden said. "Learn from this experience, learn that we're not just out there telling people about bullying to do it, that we're out there telling people this is a huge problem, let's work on it, let's get together as a community and move forward."

Classes will resume on Tuesday, but counselors will be on campus on Monday.