Fresno man shows his car featured on TV show

FRESNO, Calif.

Jeff Gangwish owns Shinbone Alley Exotic Paint Shop in East Central Fresno. Saturday he showed off the 1986 Corvette he built from the ground up on Speed network's "Car Warriors" last April.

Producers from the show reached out to Gangwish to turn a junkyard Corvette into a showpiece car in 48 hours. Gangwish took the challenge, and won.

"I didn't think it couldn't be done. I thought when I saw the show I thought 'it's all cameras, it's all this, it's that you know,' but its not. It's absolutely real and tiring," said Gangwish.

He said the hardest part of the competition was the lack of sleep and not being familiar with the layout of the shop. But he said he would do it again to be able to represent Fresno on the show.

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