A Fresno County man attends inauguration

FRESNO, Calif.

Albert Fernandez is from Easton. He cast his first vote during this year's election and says the experience of attending the presidential inauguration is one he will never forget.

"It will re-energize your beliefs not in a person but in the country," said Fernandez. Action news talked to the 20-year-old by phone, hours after he witnessed a piece of American history.

Fernandez studies at New York University. He scored tickets to the event through Congressman Jim Costa's office. "I guess I didn't really believe it until I had the tickets in my hand," said Fernandez.

At five o'clock on Monday morning he woke up and made his way through tight security.

"There were a lot of restricted items, no large back packs, no liquids, no tripods for your camera so you saw people tossing these items before going through," he said.

One of the moments that stood out to the self-described democrat was when the president addressed gay rights. Fernandez says after the experience he plans to stay politically active.

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