Ford replaces legendary coach Margie Wright

FRESNO, Calif.

Trisha Ford replaces legendary top dog Margie Wright.

After spending nine seasons at Stanford University, the last four as associate head coach it would have taken an amazing opportunity for Trisha Ford to leave the farm. And that's exactly what the Fremont native got.

"Anybody who wants to win, which hopefully if you're taking a head coaching job, that's what you want to do, this is a place that intrigues you. It kind of makes you think about it," said Ford.

Coach Ford knows she's got big shoes to fill, seeing as how her predecessor Margie Wright coached at Fresno state for 28 years. That's longer than every player on Ford's team and even one of her assistant coaches has been alive. But she says there's no extra pressure.

"She's a wonderful person. If I had any questions she would definitely sit down and chat with me. And we even chatted after I took over this job. She's given me her full support and has helped me navigate through a couple of things. It's been a great relationship and I hope to continue that." added Ford.

Ford has already built a solid relationship with her team, evidenced by their referring to Ford as their team mom.

"She came out here and made all of us feel welcome and we've welcomed her. We're already like a family out here. It's very nice." said bulldogs outfielder Brenna Moss

"She was the first one I texted when I got an on a paper or a test or something. She made me feel really good about myself. She made me feel really good about myself when I got stuff done in the classroom and on the field," added bulldogs utility player Michelle Solomon.

but don't let the lovey-dovey relationship with her players take away from coach Ford's goals for the bulldogs this season beginning with her team's playing style.

"The tradition of Fresno state softball is that they've always fought until the last out. And we will continue to have that same approach to our games. So we will fight until that last out." added Ford.

"If something goes wrong, sometimes I feel like I let her down. And it just makes me want to come out and give that extra effort for her because I don't want to let her down." said moss.

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