California poll shows support for 'soda tax'

FRESNO, Calif.

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According to the survey by the private health organization -- California Endowment -- only 40 percent of voters support a soda tax when first asked. But the numbers jump to 68 percent when proceeds are earmarked for improving school nutrition and physical activity programs.

Support in Fresno is the highest of any region polled at 80 percent. Numbers that indicate education campaigns by the state's public health department are working.

"We have a 64% obesity rate, overweight and obese in adults in Fresno County so it's certainly an issue and we're glad people are paying attention," Sara Bosse said. "And they're looking into options of how they can make healthy choices."

The survey also found support from Latino voters was the highest of any ethnic group. But fewer voters believe energy drinks and sports drinks carry as many health risks, when their sugar content is almost as high.

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