Ammo shortage affecting businesses

FRESNO, California

While many have ammunition in stock, they don't often have the kind that people want.

James Mize of Valley Rod & Gun said, "Well it's very frustrating. We got customers trying to buy product from us and we can't get the product to sell to them."

Mize says he's been in the sporting goods business for more than 25 years and tells Action News he's never seen it quite this bad.

Some shelves are completely empty, others offer only a few products. Mize added, "The 223 and the 22 long rifle, we can't find them, nowhere."

He also says the family owned business is losing thousands of dollars a day. "Even cleaning supplies are hard to get. To clean your rifles and guns- gun cases are hard to get, shotgun shells are hard to get, it's anything related with a gun."

Valley Rod & Gun has started a wait list, telling customers to get in line.

Fresno Ag Hardware has a similar list that spans nine pages. Store Manager Vang Vu said, "We've tried to order more, our suppliers and distributors are trying to get it to us, there's such a massive shortage we don't know when we're gonna get the shipments in."

It's not much better online. Many of the big suppliers have notices on their websites, advising customers to be patient as they're not the only ones wanting ammunition.

When products do ship, it doesn't seem to be enough to satisfy the demand. Employees at Fresno Ag Hardware are telling customers they're getting products- just in small increments.

As to why it's happening? Most cite political reasons, although there are plenty of theories to go along with the frustration that's felt by local businesses.

Mize said, "I don't know why, as many manufacturers as there are in the United States I don't know why we can't get some product."

Local businesses say the suppliers are about two months behind. Some say the manufacturers won't completely catch up until this summer, and many websites are advising customers that prices have gone up.

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