In memory of Joshua Mark Hansen

FRESNO, Calif.

Joshua Hansen died on Sunday from bacterial pneumonia. On Saturday crowds packed a school gym to pay tribute to his life. "I think it was really healing. We have all being separately pulling for Josh, praying for Josh and it was really healing for us to finally be able to come together in one group," said Joshua's aunt, Missy Hansen.

Hansen said she will always treasure the little boy with the huge heart and big smile. Her husband Rod coached the Foothill Elementary Students who was great at baseball, soccer and basketball. "He was just an awesome kid, awesome player and an awesome nephew," said Rod Hansen.

Family members say Joshua was not only a talented athlete but he was also an excellent student who got straight A's and was always willing to help his fellow classmates. "That is unusual for 10 year-year old boys. I mean the kids around him if they were low students, they didn't feel low and he was gracious about helping them," said Joshua's fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Lehr.

Earlier this month Joshua caught the flu, got strep throat and then became very sick with bacterial pneumonia. His illness required him to receive daily blood transfusions and hundreds stepped in to help.

More than 500 people donated blood in Joshua's name at the Central California Blood Center in Northwest Fresno. More than 2,500 people followed on Facebook as Joshua fought for his life. Now, even after his death, many say they will never forget how he chose to live.

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