Money-Saving Apps

FRESNO, Calif.

Slash the cash you spend on out-of-network ATM fees by using an app like ATM Hunter.ATM Hunter: l The app - developed by MasterCard for Apple, Android and Windows phones finds the closest ATM's with information on the associated bank, and can search by features like drive-thru, 24-hour service, and surcharges.

Before heading to the supermarket check out an app like Grocery IQ" by for Apple and Android which allows grocery shoppers to search for coupons on the go.

The Snip-Snap app lets users scan printed coupons for discounts ranging from the supermarket to the mall to restaurants-and save them in a digital format in a smartphone. The app can remind consumers when certain coupons are about to expire, and send alerts when in a store that has a corresponding coupon.

And recent weeks have seen a pinch at the pump. Leave the car in the driveway and tap into a network of other cost-conscious drivers with an app like Carticipate for iPhone. It matches car poolers based on schedule, destination and location.

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