Selma woman accused of elder abuse

FRESNO, Calif.

40-year-old Virginia Terrazas is charged with elder abuse for the handling of her mother.

The backyard TV and front yard garbage can are the least of the mess at this Selma home, according to police.

Most of the windows are blocked, but if you take a closer look, you can see all kinds of stuff piled up against the window.

A neighbor who didn't want to be identified said the view only gets worse once you get past the cobwebs and through the door.

"It was chaos in the house, inside -- dirty, messy -- just not livable," she said.

Until last week, 73-year-old Francisca Terrazas lived in this house with her daughter, Virginia.

But when someone called firefighters out, they discovered the conditions and notified police.

They found Francisca in bad health in a hospital bed.

And at the house, they saw so much junk littering the floors, the elderly woman couldn't reach a bathroom.

"She requires either a wheelchair or a walker and in most parts of the house where she was around, she probably would not have been able to move around with those because of the limited size of the path," said Selma police chief Myron Dyck.

"It sounds like, for the most part, she was confined to a bed," an Action News reporter told the chief.

"It appears that she could've been," he said. "That's still part of the investigation."

Neighbors say they'd grown concerned for Francisca and figured the situation required police intervention.

"It doesn't surprise me," one neighbor said. "I'm glad somebody did something for that old lady."

Virginia Terrazas was arrested and released, but she didn't answer the door at her home.

Her mother was released from the hospital, but police say she went to another facility instead of going home.

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