FPD arrest 6 thieves; 2 had illegal items

FRESNO, Calif.

The burglaries all happened at an apartment complex near the intersection of Peach and Olive Avenues in East Central Fresno.

Investigators say six people were booked for the crimes. But officers say two of those suspects had illegal guns in their home and drugs for sale.

Guns, methamphetamine, marijuana and a rash of burglaries are what Fresno Police uncovered at the Landing at Fancher Creek apartment complex. Jeff Bryant lives there and is now worried for his family's safety. "I often think about my children being at my house when I am not here and just knowing that somebody is possibly watching your home for that perfect moment to go in and take something," said Bryant.

Detectives were investigating the latest burglary at the complex on Friday night. Over the past two months thieves hit homes here, a dozen times. "When we have multiple incidents like that it gives us an idea that the suspects possibly live in the general area and they're familiar with that area and that may be why they are targeting the locations. They also think it's an easy target, said Sgt. Mike Clark.

Officers arrested two adults and two suspects under 18 years old for stealing. But after questioning the four, detectives found out two more people were involved. Police say 32 year-old Marcus Quitoriano and his wife 23 year old Zoua Vue were selling the stolen goods and had drugs and guns at their home. "They have the guns for a reason so anytime we can get those guns off the street and the drug dealers out of the neighborhood. It's going to make a dent in the crime," said Sgt. Clark.

Both Quitoriano and Vue were booked on charges including illegally possessing firearms and possession of narcotics for sale.

Officers were able to recover some of the stolen items which include some jewelry. People are asking any victims to come forward to recover their belongings.

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