Thai educators visit Fresno's Kastner Intermediate School

FRESNO, Calif.

Educating others is a passion for Kastner Intermediate Ceramics teacher Fred Figueroa. He got a chance to share his classroom experience with educators from Thailand.

More than two dozen school directors and teachers from Northeast Thailand made the trip to California. The ambassadors heard about the school on the internet based on the honors it's received over the years.

Kastner Intermediate School Principal, Dr. Johnny Alvarado said, "Somebody in Thailand knew of Kastner and suggested to them they visit Kastner in addition to their other two schools they were going to visit this trip which are UCLA and Berkeley. They should maybe stop by and visit Kastner."

During their time here at Kastner, the ambassadors got a wide look at education here at the school visiting classes from Math, English, electives and P.E.

The ambassadors enjoyed their time watching the students interact and learning how teachers work with students of all backgrounds and economic statuses.

"They are interested in how our system supports all kids in learning. They are interested in the diversity on this campus," Alvarado said.

It's those lessons they hope to take back not only to the classrooms, but to universities and educational development groups around the country.

Dr. Siri Thee-asana, Thai educator said, "I think they can use best practices and apply it to their school."

Although the educators speak different languages, they share a common theme of helping young people.

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