Soldier killed in hit and run remembered in Los Banos memorial

FRESNO, Calif.

Fernando Buenrostro Jr., 18, was enrolled in the Army National Guard. He died last week.

The American flag that covered the coffin of 18-year-old Fernando Buenrostro Jr. was presented to the guardsman's father. Fernando Buenrostro Sr., the victim's father said, "He was just a big hearted kid... A very good kid."

Family and friends of Fernando Jr. gathered at Whitehurst Chapel in Los Banos to say farewell to the teenager. Fernando Jr. graduated from Los Banos High School last year. Soon after he joined the Army National Guard with dreams of serving his country as a full-time soldier.

"He was already doing his steps to go in full time Army. That's what he wanted to do. And he was already focusing on his career," Buenrostro said.

But his life was cut short last Saturday night when he was riding a motorized scooter police say Fernando Jr. was run over. The hit-and-run happened near the intersection of Fairmont Drive and Cardinal Street in Los Banos.

Fernando suffered major head injuries and died at the hospital shortly after. Late last week police arrested 23-year-old Jesse Fuentes police say Fuentes was driving a Ford truck when he hit Fernando Jr.

But the arrest doesn't bring much closure to a family still in mourning.

Lionel Buenrostro, the victim's uncle said, "We can't see him anymore. This is our last day. The only way we're going to be able to see him is in our minds, our hearts. Right now, I just want to put my son to rest and put him to peace."

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