FPD arrested suspect accused of deadly stabbing

FRESNO, Calif.

Investigators say the murder happened in a home on Mono Street near Maple Avenue where the two men lived. Authorities say Corrales had a disagreement with his uncle and he ended up stabbing him.

Family members huddled together outside the home where a loved one was killed. Paul Sunez grew up with the victim and is sad to see his long-time friend die in such a violent way.

Paul Sunez, neighbor said, "I've seen him about an hour before, maybe two hours before it all happened he was a very good guy, he was very good, he was a happy go lucky guy and you couldn't get anybody else better than that."

Fresno police went to the home at about 5:30 p.m. Saturday. When they got there they found a man who was stabbed several times. Mohnika Alvarez saw the victim earlier that day and can't believe he died so close to her home.

Alvarez said, "How sad, it was really sad. I don't know why someone would just go knife him. The guy minded his own business."

Those who live in the area want the person responsible behind bars and their hearts go out to the victim's family.

"I feel very sad for them, I feel very bad for them and I wish this would have never happened to them," Alvarez said.

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