Safe from Scams: Identity theft

FRESNO, Calif.

A connection between the desire for a perfect body and identity theft; it might seem far-fetched, but not in this case. It began when the ID thief stole someone's mail.

Ivan Ramirez, a U.S. Postal Inspector said, "She stole the victim's info which had been in the mail and she went ahead and contracted various creditors."

The con artist went on a typical shopping spree -- buying furniture, new clothes, and other items, but then made one very large unusual purchase.

"She actually went to a doctor, a medical facility, where she actually charged over $9,000 worth of cosmetic surgery," said Ramirez.

The purpose? To enhance various body parts.

"The physician was actually utilizing not silicone of the medical kind but silicone that you buy in Home Depot or Lowes - very deadly and poisonous," Ramirez said.

Authorities eventually caught up with the con artist. As for victim of the identity theft?

"Her credit was destroyed and still today she's fighting or trying to make amends and correct her credit," said Ramirez.

The ID thief was sentenced to 30 months in federal prison and ordered to pay back the $20,000 dollars she stole.

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