Thieves pose as salesmen in television service fraud

FRESNO, Calif.

Jyotan Gill recently got a call from two men posing as very convincing Dish Network salesmen. "Very professional, very confident, just like any salesperson would speak," said Gill.

The mother of two says the callers knew exactly what channels she currently watched. "He knew exactly how much I was paying per month to Dish Network," said Gill.

The callers even had the ability to change her settings remotely. A man pretending to be a supervisor told her he could get her a steep discount for being a loyal customer. All she had to do, he said was buy two prepaid cards worth a thousand dollars. The callers then asked her to read the authorization number on the back of the cards but that's when Gill started thinking the whole thing seemed fishy. She called the satellite service provider's number that was on her monthly bill and that's when an actual Dish Network employee told her, it was a fraud.

The Better Business Bureau sees similar cases where people pose as law enforcement, PG&E bill collectors and even government officials. They're reminding people not to provide any personal information to unsolicited callers over the phone.

"It's heartbreaking to see innocent people get taken advantage of. The one thing that they do wrong is trust; you just can't trust that caller or piece of mail that comes. You need to verify," said Cindy Dudley.

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