One killed in Fresno County head-on crash


Crews are still cleaning up the fatal crash scene along Lincoln near West. One person died. The impact of the crash was so strong that it literally ripped the Honda Accord into pieces and those pieces and parts are virtually unrecognizable.

The fatal crash happened in a rural area of Fresno County around 2:45 Wednesday morning on Lincoln near West. The truck driver was carrying a load of milk and driving down the road when it saw a car approaching it. The semi and a Honda accord collided head on. The force of the crash ripped the Honda to pieces.

The Speed limit along this area is 55 miles per hour. It's unknown how fast the driver if the car was going.

Authorities say it will take some time to get more answers as to what happened. The CHP says the truck driver was not hurt in the collision, but was shaken up.

"He was driving along going easy bound here on Lincoln going about 55 mph saw a set of head lights coming approaching his location once he made out the car was in his lane he had no time to react and the two vehicles collided," said Shane McConnell, California Highway Patrol.

The deceased was taken by the coroner and will make contact with the family.

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