FSU Bulldog softball team gives back

FRESNO, Calif.

"The coaches have always been open about this and they told us to come to them if we supported anything. I brought this to them and they were on the ball." said Bulldogs Infielder Diane Runge

The Buchanan grad came up with the idea to donate at least 10 inches of her hair to Locks of Love which is a public non-profit that provides hairpieces to children suffering from long-term medical hair loss. Runge's raw emotion needed no explanation.

"It's going to go to a kid who is more deserving than I am." added Runge.

"We exchanged text today, so emotional texts, and I just told her that I was so proud of her, the type of person that she is. And for me to be a part of her life." added Fresno St. Head Coach Trisha Ford.

And four of her fellow Bulldogs stepped up immediately to join her, leaving Ford gushing at the character of her players and the community.

"They're wonderful. I have not been around such a great group of people, very supportive of our players. It's a great group to be a part of so [I'm] very proud to be a 'Dog." said Ford.

But what made this event so special is that but it wasn't just Bulldogs taking part. A pair of Fresno City College Rams… stepped up to the plate to make donations of their own.

And even two of the visiting Boise State Broncos including head coach Erin Thorpe jumped at the chance to help.

"One of our athletes is friends with one of the Bulldog softball players. She mentioned to her that they were going to be doing it the night that we were playing here, and had asked if anybody from our team wanted to do it. So I volunteered the second we heard about it." said Thorpe.

"To see this amazing support today is beyond words. I mean we started with four of us. And then to see so many people come out it's - oh my gosh!" said Runge.

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