Altered photos depict Nazis as SEIU members

FRESNO, Calif.

Union workers from the /*SEIU*/ and members of the NAACP gathered at the Hall of Records to accuse Fresno County of ignoring an alleged act of racism and anti-Semitism at the Fresno County Jail.

Alysia Bonner of the SEIU told a news conference, "They need to hear from us because this is not allowed, this cannot be allowed."

The incident occurred last March, altered photographs depicting /*Nazi*/ soldiers carrying SEIU Banners, and another portraying /*President Barack Obama*/ as fascist leader /*Benito Mussolini*/ were posted on a union bulletin board inside an employee area of the Fresno County Jail. The pictures were brought to the attention of Sheriff Margaret Mims and the board so supervisors right away, but Bonner says not enough has been done.

Bonner explained, "When we objected, asked them to remove the items they did so but they have not followed up since them."

The protestors took their case to the Board of Supervisors.

Board President Henry Perea, assured the group action was being taken, and read a letter from Sheriff Margaret Mims.

"This is s a clear violation and is being investigated by our internal affairs unit," read Perea. "In fact a person has already stepped forward and claimed responsibility for the actions."

Perea said the person involved is being dealt with, but is entitled to due process. This group believes someone needs to be held accountable.

Bonner said, "They haven't taken it seriously and if we have a zero tolerance policy here in Fresno County then I think the culprit should be fired as well as the supervisor that let it go on."

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