Home burglary sparks new security measures

FRESNO, Calif.

A neighborhood watch is already in place there. But, the people who live around there say they will meet more often now. And a smaller group of homeowners is even considering joint security measures after someone's back door was kicked in.

Sue Beevers arrived home after a long day at work and a night out to dinner to find her backdoor was kicked open.

Sue says her dog, Muffin, noticed the evidence first. But it wasn't long before she spotted the crook's trail that started in her bedroom.

"Then they went through and they took a bicycle and then they went into the other room and took the TV and left," Beevers said.

Sue tells Action News the bicycle was worth $2,500. But that's not the frustrating part. Sue says this is the second time she's been burglarized. And her neighbor's have been broken into while they were home. Police call those types of crimes hot prowls, and they seem to be happening more in this area.

"I'm a little nervous I see these cars pull up and I'm paranoid," Beevers said. "Normally I'm not a paranoid kind of person. Well it makes you nervous."

Sue is on a mission now. She's the neighborhood watch captain and she's angry. She says the neighbors are already working on plans to increase their security. "We have a phone tree and so we have been talking," she said. "I talked to the neighbors here and the neighbors there today and we're talking about some joint security measures."

Sue is also talking with investigators, who left her with advice for her neighborhood watch group. "They want the neighborhood to call if they see anything out of the ordinary," she said.

Sue even says some of her neighbors are now arming themselves. And they're looking to start an anti-crime Facebook page similar to one already in place in Fresno's Tower District.

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