La Tapatia fire prompts two business to evacuate in Fresno

FRESNO, Calif.

It started just before noon in an oven used to cook enchiladas. Black smoke poured out of the roof vents and doors and could be seen from half a mile away. Nearly three dozen firefighters rushed to the scene and quickly put out the flames.

Firefighters also brought in a powerful fan to help ventilate the building. "The oven was where the fire was, it was all contained to that one oven, but unfortunately we have a lot of smoke production as well that went through the entire building," said Charles Tobias.

Fresno Police closed part of Belmont during the fire. Employees had to wait for county environmental health officials to let them start making food again.

The damage is estimated at less than $1,000, but firefighters say they saved millions of dollars in property along with several jobs.

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