Selma man caught allegedly downloading child porn at a McDonald's

FRESNO, Calif.

Now he's in jail on child pornography charges and investigators say they want to warn the public about him and his alleged crimes.

Detectives say the 25-year-old spent the past two years using the free Wi-Fi at the McDonald's off Floral and Highway 99 in Selma. He worked on his computer and was a known regular of sorts in the children's play area at the restaurant.

Chris Curtice with the Fresno County Sheriff's Office said, "At the time they contacted him he was trying to erase his hard drive and they believe he was downloading child porn at that time."

He says the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force had been after him for a while. Their investigation revealed computer programs used to download and share child pornography. While Hudler is a registered sex offender, you won't find him on an internet search. He's not listed as a registrant under Megan's Law, and the Sheriff's Department says, there's a reason for it.

Curtice said, "He's what they call non-disclosure registrant."

Which means what it sounds like. Hudler is a sex offender, but only law enforcement knows that. Until now anyway- until he was caught at a McDonald's accused of downloading child pornography, and doing so in the public eye.

Curtice explained, "The detectives in this case felt he was enough of a threat to the safety of the public that they needed to release that information to the public."

A public place -- that's a popular one. For Lucille Epperson this is the scariest kind of news. Epperson said, "We don't let our grandchildren out of our sight, you can't, you just can't."

She says concern doesn't even begin to describe the way she's feeling.

Another grandma, Amelia Flores, told us she'd seen Hudler at the restaurant, and had since stopped coming to this McDonald's.

Flores said, "Friends of mine would come here saying there's a dirty old man here you know."

Detectives say a forensic scan of the suspect's computer did reveal child pornography.

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