Costco plans new store in Hanford


Costco has plans to build a new facility on the southwest corner of Lacey Boulevard and Highway 43. Developers say the retailer will anchor a 58-acre commercial property.

First In-N-Out, and now Costco. City officials are thrilled the big box retailer is coming to Hanford. The building will be built on a vacant plot near the intersection of Highway 43 and Highway 198.

Plans for the city to revamp the westbound entrance into Hanford and turn it into a bustling commercial area are getting some positive reinforcement following news that Costco will be the major tenant anchoring the spot.

"Costco is one of those major retail leaks and we'll be able to keep those shoppers at home," said Darrel Pyle, Hanford City Manager.

Pyle says plans call for a roughly 150-thousand square foot building similar to the Costco location in Visalia. Hanford's Costco will also have a gas station and auto center.

Pyle says landing Costco will boost the city's sales tax revenue to keep their budget on track. "We recognize the opportunity to capture these previously leaked sales tax dollars will help us gain ground."

"I'm not sure which one would have the most airplay whether it's In-N-Out or Costco, but probably for a good decade those were the top two targets of conversation at least for folks," said John Lehn, Kings County Economic Development Corporation (EDC).

Now with both on their way to Hanford, Kings County EDC director John Lehn said the doors will now open for more big chain restaurants and retailers to set up shop in the city. "We're busier now with business interest with manufacturing and large commercial kinds of activities. We're busier now than we've been for five years."

The Environmental Impact Report for this project is expected to be completed in November, and if all goes well, Costco will break ground by this time next year.

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