Hanford BMX racers raise money for cancer research


On Sunday, they took part in a nationwide event called "The Race for Life" -- which took place at racetracks all across the United States and Canada. The event raises money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

BMX racers of all ages were competing in Hanford. The youngest contestant was 3-years-old Urijah Martinez.

Not every kid who uses the track has their own bike, so they have 10 bikes on hand as loaners. Last month there was a break-in, and thieves took those bikes. Track operator Phillip Alonzo said the community has been helping out.

"Since that break-in we've had a lot of good feed back, we've had the Tachi Palace come and donate another SeaTrain -- a new storage unit. We've had the Hanford Police Department put together a gift card for Wal Mart for $120 for us to get tubes and bike pumps -- any kind of little parts that we need," said Alonzo.

The track is recovering and the kids working for a good cause -- and they come here to have fun.

"It's nice having something here in the community that we can do every week," said Steven Martinez, father of racer.

There were lots of boys and girls competing in the event. The goal of the fundraiser is to raise $1,000 for cancer research. The Hanford BMX track counting on more help from the community, so more kids can come out and take part in events like The Race for Life.

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