No on Measure G takes slight edge in vote count

FRESNO, Calif.

There has been an issued over the validity of some of the ballots. The Yes on G camp is contesting signatures on some of the votes. Ballot counting was temporarily halted Thursday. Election officials say 600 ballots are currently being contested. And more than 2,000 provisionals need to be counted.

Marina Madalleno with No on G said, "We have a slight edge, and then there are 2,100 provisionals, I think those are going to be ours. I don't know about the 600, the challenged ballots, we will have to see."

Chris Collier with Yes on G said, "There's still discussions of what will happen as far as the provionals. To make sure that if we want to ask that certain ballots that are provisional get a higher level of scrutiny, then we'll be able to do that."

The staff counting the ballots will continue to work through the next few business days. An update on the ballot count will not be released until next Wednesday.

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