Valley kids get a new perspective on water

FRESNO, Calif.

The San Joaquin River is the largest river in Central California and an important water source in the Valley.

On Wednesday, it provided the perfect backdrop for more than 100 kids to learn at the city of Fresno's Water Camp.

Fresno Water Conservation Supervisor Nora Laikam said, "Because it's a fun way for kids to learn about water and the kids are our future and they have to look toward their future too."

Kids got a chance to learn about where our water comes from and how it is managed. Campers say they enjoyed learning alongside their peers in a fun and interactive way.

Nicolas Barajas said, "It's really great and fun and it's awesome, plus the river's great."

One session taught kids the amount of water it takes to make our food.

Laikam explained, "So already by lunch time we've used 400 gallons of water."

Campers also learned about how to help the environment by planting drought resistant plants, which in turn helps our air quality.

Students say the lessons will help them become more water conscious and environmentally friendly.

Landon Schellenberg added, "And we need to save water because we don't want it to run out, because if we let it run out, we're not going to have no water for us to drink and it will just dry up."

At the end of the day all the campers were designated as water watchers and encouraged to share a message of water conservation and safety.

Organizers hope this knowledge will help in preserving one of the Valley's most important resources.

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