Kids get creative at Kids Invent Program

FRESNO, Calif.

The Kids Invent Program allowed kids to express their creativity, while applying the skills they learned in a traditional classroom setting. The group of kids were excited and ready to learn all there is to know about video production. For the next five days the children will take part in a summer camp lead by the Kids Invent Program.

" Kids come and learn things that you don't get to see in an everyday classroom setting. The kids learn their math, science, their english, reading and writing, but they don't apply it necessarily every day in class" said Kids Invent Camp Manager Dakota Smith.

The group started its first day of class by learning how to organize their ideas through a story board. They then got into groups, or production companies. The kids then hit the ground running on their very first day of camp, getting some hands-on experience on how to use a camera.

Carson Diehl may only be 11-years-old, but he already knows that he wants to produce video games when he grows up.

"Well I think that since I would like to have this as my job in the future I think it will help for when you want to make cut scenes or if I want to make better graphics than I can draw," Carson Diehl a program participant.

With easy access to the technology needed to shoot video most of the kids had already experimented with video production at home.

" Yeah I did this thing where I got a nerf gun and you fake shoot it and then I got this video editing software for free and I made it to look like fire was coming out of it," said program participant Saverio Marziliano.

The Kids Invent Program creativity hopes to tap into the kids creativity and take to next level.

"The whole goal is to start sparking these creative genes in these kids and hopefully gear them towards something more creative than what they had expected," said Smith

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