Heat especially dangerous for Valley pets

FRESNO, Calif.

For humans prolonged heat exposure can be deadly, well the same applies to pets. At the Veterinary Emergency Services Office in Central Fresno at least five dogs had to be put down due to severe heat stroke.

Dr. Carrin Flores said some owners just do not realize how dangerous this heat wave can be.

" People should be making sure that their pets have plenty of shade, cool water and even environments where they can get out of the heat like into an air conditioned room or an area under misters on grass would be preferable outside," Flores said.

Dr. Flores gave warning to those leaving their pets alone in the heat.

" Always make sure they have plenty of clean water. Anytime you think you have enough water out, double it. If you're going to leave them unattended for more than four hours in this heat, have a friend stop by and check on them, " Flores said.

The extreme temperatures were not all bad. Even though it was still 100 degrees at 8:45 p.m. Saturday fans at Chukchansi Park endured the heat to watch the Fresno Grizzlies play Salt Lake City.

During the bottom of the 5th kids, and some adults, had a chance to cool off when Grizzlies mascot sprayed fans with water.

" It was good, it was cool. But, I didn't get wet enough. I thought I was going to get soaked. I went over there and sat down and waited for the inning to be over," Randy Mendoza said.

Many families started their 'beat the heat' adventures early in the day. But Pa Yang knows to be careful near the water.

" I am going to be watching them carefully, I guess because the water is very fast. So I am going to be making sure they hold hands if we go any further," said Pa Yang from Fresno. "The water is kind of fast but I am kind of scared."

Whether its your kids or your pets experts urge everyone to be careful in the extreme heat.

Dr. Flores also wants people to know small dogs and dogs with smaller snouts like Pugs are much more at risk for heat stroke. Small dogs such as Pugs can not regulate their body temperature as efficiently as other dogs.

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