Massive tree damages Reedley dog pound

FRESNO, Calif.

A new source of light is shining down on the empty kennels of the Reedley dog pound. A giant tree limb crashed through the roof Sunday night and now blocks the kennel doors.

"There were some animals inside the dog pound," said Reedley public works director Russ Robertson. "The animals were not harmed and nobody was harmed in this incident."

From the outside, it looks even worse. The tree was too heavy for even a crane to lift. But the animals all found new shelters and possibly better lives.

Two mastiff mixes went to the much cooler Tulare animal shelter, along with a cocker spaniel mix. After spending a week at the Reedley pound, she found a new home after one day in Tulare.

The Reedley pound had actually expanded in recent months after the city lost its deal with the SPCA. Now, the focus is on regrouping and rebuilding.

"At this time we're going to work with other agencies that can possibly provide services for us," Robertson said. "But we're also going to look at getting this back in operation as soon as possible."

Reedley police are not taking in any strays for the time being.

The city will have to hire tree removers to get the tree off the building before they can even assess how long it'll take to reopen the pound.

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