Clovis Good Samaritans collect donations for fire victims

CLOVIS, Calif.

On Tuesday, an apartment fire ripped through several units. Forty People lost their homes and possessions.

Jena Hutchinson, Liena Miranda and one of their friends who did not want to be named, started collecting food, clothes and household items for the fire victims on Wednesday. They even donated some of their own things.

"I just went through my kids' clothes, there were shoes and pants that were only worn once, that did not fit them anymore." Hutchinson said. "I was wondering who I was going to give them too and now I know who to give them too,"

"I have a 28-year-old son who left all shoes, clothes pants. We had toys, we put everything together," said Miranda. "I had furniture in my garage and I was willing to give it all. It could've been me."

Their friend went outside of town, asking help from churches, other people, to see what they could spare for the displaced families. She also reached out through social media. Together the trio collected more than enough items to fill an apartment living room.

A Clovis Fire Department Spokesman says the fire was started by a child playing with matches. He also said the apartments did have a sprinkler system but it was not a requirement when the building was built. Fire fighters say a sprinkler system could have reduced the damage. At the same time, neighbors hope that their donations can help reduce some of the displaced families grief.

"I have kids and I know how hard it is to raise kids and to lose everything... I hope someone will help me if I was in that situation," said Hutchinson.

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