Clovis police arrest man wanted for 7 warrants & several pursuits


Detectives learned of his whereabouts and set up surveillance on the home in which he was staying. When Kestner came out of the house, he got into a vehicle rammed two police vehicles and a vehicle that belonged to someone in the neighborhood.

A Clovis Police officer tried to stop him by using a PIT maneuver. Kestner then climbed across the console of his car and got out through the passenger side window. He was combative, and an officer tased him.

Kestner is wanted on 7 warrants, 5 no bail warrants for possession and sales of drugs, 1 for DUI and 1 for driving on a suspended/revoked license. He is also wanted for at least 4 pursuits in Clovis and in Fresno County in the last two months, all of which had to be called off for safety reasons.

Clovis Police are currently working to obtain search warrant for the home in which Kestner was staying. Right now, it appears he will face 3 counts of assault with a deadly weapon along with drug charges. Members of the Clovis Police Collision Reconstruction Unit are on scene to gather information regarding the vehicles into which Kestner crashed.

Kestner is currently being booked at Clovis Police Headquarters and will be transported later this evening to the Fresno County Jail.

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