Avoid the 21 campaign aims to stop drunk drivers in the Valley

FRESNO, Calif.

Fresno Police held a check point in Northwest Fresno Saturday night and officers were flagging down cars, looking for anyone breaking the law. Friday night police arrested nine drunk drivers and they plan to arrest many more in the coming weeks.

A team of ten officers stopped car after car late Saturday night to arrest any driver breaking the law.

"DUI driving is such a bad decision because it's so preventable," Sgt. Anthony Dewall with the Fresno Police Department said. "Any collision that you have where someone loses their life is tragic especially when you add that extra nonsense of someone drinking before they get behind the wheel is so preventable."

This sobriety check is part of the larger, three week campaign called Avoid the 21. The crackdown is taking place in Fresno and Madera counties. Police are encouraging everyone to designate a driver before you drink.

"The most successful check point at a stop point is when we stop someone and they are not drinking and driving and they realize how easy it would have been for them to be arrested had they been drinking and driving," Sgt. Dewall said.

Sgt. Dewall said his officers see a spike in drunk driver towards the end of every summer.

"I think people tend to see summer is starting to wind down so they want to get that last hurrah in before their kids go back to school or in the case of college students they have to go back to school and get in the daily grind of showing up to classes and studying," Sgt. Dewall said.

Investigators are asking anyone who sees a drunk driver to call police.

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