4 young lives lost after train accident in Fresno County

FRESNO, Calif.

Freight trains crossing at Jefferson and Golden State make a concerted effort to indicate others of its presence since there are no crossing arms at the intersection. Investigators with the California Highway Patrol say that was the case early Monday morning when a train collided into a 2002 Chevy Lumina, killing four people inside.

"It's really kind of eerie and unreal," Elena Olveda, a friend of the victims said.

Olveda had just said goodbye to the group that was at a house for a team bonding event. Olveda met them Sunday for a marketing a home-based business they were trying to join.

"We were there until late in the night and they just left a little earlier cus they had to get home, I know someone had to go to work," Olveda said.

But the victims of the crash never made it home. The CHP says the driver of the car was trying to cross the tracks then a train going about 55 miles per hour struck the vehicle.

"Where upon one of the persons was actually ejected, one of the young men was ejected, pronounced deceased at the scene," said Graciela Torres with the California Highway Patrol.

Three other people also died of their injuries. Among the dead were two males in their early 20's and an 18-year-old female, the driver was a 20-year-old Sanger woman.

"She was really excited to be starting this business, so it's really sad when someone's so excited then something like this happens," Oswaldo Colin, the victims friend said.

Only 20-year-old Alexandra Sanchez survived. But the others had the rest of their lives ahead of them, a tragedy for the youth trying to launch a successful marketing career.

"You don't expect that to happen definitely at all," Olveda said."You meet someone and you're excited to make plans and meet each other again and it doesn't happen."

Alexandra Sanchez remains at the hospital in critical condition. The CHP is still investigating the accident but don't believe alcohol played a role.

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