Authorities investigate accident that killed a Fresno bicyclist

FRESNO, Calif.

An investigation is underway after the death of a bicyclist who was killed during a pursuit with Fresno police. The accident happened near the intersection of Del Mar and Brown at about 7:30 Friday night.

Family members said 39-year-old Angel Toscano was a family man who didn't hurt anyone but now leaves behind four children and a heartbroken girlfriend.

"He committed no crime, he didn't kill somebody, he didn't murder somebody he didn't have any hostages, he had no weapons, he was just on a bicycle," Eric Toscano, Angel Toscano's brother said.

Eric Toscano said his brother and a friend were riding their bicycles after visiting his sick, elderly parents at the hospital when they were stopped by two police officers. Investigators say they stopped them because they believed they were acting suspiciously. Authorities said one man stayed with an officer for questioning but Angel Toscano took off on his bike.

"We do not know why the bicyclist, fled from the police officer, we certainly don't know how the collision occurred we are looking into it but what we do know is that this is an unfortunate tragedy," Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer said.

The police officer hit Angel Toscano in an alleyway near Del Mar and Brown and Toscano died at the scene. Family members want the officer who hit Angel with his patrol car to be behind bars.

"He should be arrested. He killed my brother, my brother did nothing. He committed no crime, he hurt nobody, he had no weapons. He did nothing," Eric Toscano said.

Action News contacted the Fresno Police department about the family's allegations and was told the case is still under investigation. The officer involved in the crash is on paid administrative leave.

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