Bulldog fans crucial to football team's success

FRESNO, Calif.

"I've been coming here since these kids age. I was here when all this was dirt, since the 80's" said Frank Prado.

Prado has been a season ticket holder for more than 30 years. Its diehard fans like him that make Jim Sweeney field shake when the 'Dogs are on defense. And it's those same hardcore supporters that have no problems traveling to places like San Jose to turn Spartan Stadium into a virtual home game.

And then there are colorful fans. For the past five years, season ticket holder Johnny Hernandez takes 1.5 hours before each game to get into his unique game attire.

"It's wonderful that, it's a great environment and family oriented. It's wonderful. it's great. I also encourage other people to come in to watch the 'Dogs play. Live, not on TV but in person." said Hernandez.

Bulldog Stadium is a family friendly atmosphere

Just ask Tony Salazar, who brings about two dozen of his closes friends and family to most Bulldog games.

"I just love my Fresno State, my athletic department, my football team, the university. my family, I bring my family out here. It's just all love. I love for the Fresno State University. For the players. Every single one of them." said Salazar.

The Fresno State Bulldogs have never known defeat with Tim DeRuyter at the helm. With a perfect 13-0 in the past two seasons at home. And this year the Red Wave has sold out Bulldog Stadium three times and averaged 36,000 people.

DeRuyter says the Mountain West Championship was just the latest example of what a good crowd can do to impact the outcome.

"The Red Wave early on especially, they were causing penalties in communication problems. That's what why you want to have the championship game at home. I don't think anyone in this league, I know nobody in this league has fans like the Red Wave that can do that kind of thing so, a little shout out to the Red Wave. Thank you." said DeRuyter.

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