FAX bus driver nearly struck by stray bullet

FRESNO, Calif.

Witnesses say a lot of people were traveling through the intersection of Barstow and First Street when the shooting happened. Police tell us the two groups opened fire on each other. It's not clear how close of a call it was for other bystanders, but for the FAX bus driver a bullet came within inches.

The drivers of these giant people movers see a lot as they weave through Fresno streets each and every day. But in her time behind the wheel of a FAX bus Patricia Burks-Keenan had never been caught in crossfire, until Tuesday.

"All of the sudden I hear this pop," Burks-Keenan said. "Then pop, pop, pop. Then one of the bullets hit the window where I was sitting."

Patricia's bus was struck several times by stray bullets. One hit the metal window frame right near Patricia's head, shattering her window.

"It didn't break all the way, just shattered," she said. "Glass got all over my sweater and pants."

Investigators say two cars sped away from the scene. A black Chevy Impala took off westbound on Barstow and a gray Nissan Altima was last seen southbound on First Street.

Sarkis Kalanjian owns a nearby shoe repair shop. He's stunned no one was actually struck by bullets. The shooting happened around 5:30 Tuesday evening, across the corner from Hoover High School, just as student athletes were heading home from practice.

"We looked out and saw kids running and the cars, they were speeding away," Kalanjian said. "That's it, really."

Since investigators are still looking for the shooters they're also checking nearby surveillance cameras for any clues.

As for Patricia, she's back behind the wheel of a different FAX bus since hers is now in evidence.

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