Thrilling Bulldog win fires up fan base

FRESNO, Calif.

The program's already enjoying a nice boost as a result though fans probably can't take this kind of torture every week.

The Fresno State game kicked off Thursday night but ended on Friday - just after midnight.

Tens of thousands of Bulldog fans decked out in white stayed until the end though some were anxious for other reasons than overtime.

Kelsey Johnson explained, "It was like 12 o'clock and I was like, I have school tomorrow and I've got to go. It was a great game."

One stop is all the Dogs needed. An incomplete pass on a two-point conversion sealed Fresno state's wild victory over the Scarlet Knights. As the dog pile grew fans like 90-year old Henry Jones summed it up perfectly when he said, "This is the best game I've ever seen and I've seen a lot of them."

The party continued inside Fresno State's locker room and the Bulldog spirit was also felt at the ticket office on Friday.

Bulldog fan Craig Large said, "Got a lot of people excited. It's all over ESPN today. That's all they had, three games yesterday. It's all good. We're actually upgrading our tickets today so we're here."

The Bulldog faithful was also snapping up new gear though everyone seemed to be drained.

Charlotte, a season ticket holder from Sacramento, said, "It was like back and forth, back and forth. You'd think ah man we lost. Oh no, we won. Oh no, we lost. Oh no we won."

Charlotte and her husband are season ticket holders who made the trip from Sacramento. They got their just desserts.

Charlotte's husband said, "It was kind of like slow forming pudding but it formed at the end all came together. It was awesome."

Now it's time to dress out for Cal Poly next Saturday.

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