Despite triple-digit heat many expected at Fresno State vs. Cal Poly game

FRESNO, Calif.

"I'm pretty excited. I've seen it on TV before and the hecklers look pretty crazy and I'm excited to show some school spirit," student Melani Teixeira said.

School officials predict a higher turnout, despite temperatures expected to reach the triple-digit mark. The temperature will be much cooler with a 7 p.m. kickoff.

"It's the early part, during the tailgate that fans have to be careful of the weather and the temperature then, once kickoff starts, inside the stadium will be a comfortable level," Assistant Athletic Director, Ryan Reggiani said.

Those who will be out tailgating before game time will bear the brunt of the heat.

"We're doing a lot of preparation for it tomorrow. We're bringing a lot of extra water, ice bags in case any of us get overheated because we're working from two to the start of the game, plus staying during the game, so it's going to be a long day for us," student Chelsie Stone said.

Fresno State will have misters and cooling centers set up to help spectators deal with the scorching heat.

"The key is to hydrate and also, don't be afraid to ask. We have paramedics, we have staff on hand. Ask if you're feeling if you're getting hot or overheated, ask and we're here to help you," Reggiani said.

The weekend triple digits are expected to linger into the coming week, causing air quality concerns.

"When we see these really high temperatures, we see lots of sunshine, and we see the stagnant air, the stagnant air is the real piece of this equation that we're concerned about for next week," Jaime Holt from the Valley Air Control District said.

Still the main focus will be another win, and officials expect tomorrow's attendance to exceed 35,000. There are still plenty of tickets left if you want to enjoy the game.

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