Church located in the heart of a Fresno homeless encampment get evicted

FRESNO, Calif.

A worn bible, lawn chairs and pieces of plywood with scriptures are part of a church situated in the heart of a homeless encampment in Downtown Fresno.

"Every day is a big day for me when I take the podium, but today it was touching for me," Pastor Ray Polk with the Homeless Ministry said.

Pastor Ray Polk spoke his last sermon to his homeless congregants. Plagued with violence and unsanitary conditions earlier this year the city ordered several homeless encampments to be demolished.

"It's very emotional. It's heartbreaking," Polk said.

But it wasn't just the homeless, Polk's church and its memorial, were also given an eviction notice.

"I told the city I can't defy God. I can't tear down what he had me put up. So if you want it down, you take it down," Polk said.

He says while the city's actions may have taken away the homes, it won't stop him.

"And I will continue to do his will. They won't break my faith I'm on a mission," Polk said. Polk is on a mission to minister to the homeless no matter where they go.

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