Teen found dead at Madera South High School

MADERA, Calif.

School officials in Madera County have brought in school counselors and psychologists to help students mourn the death of one their classmates -- whose death is a mystery. Counselors were also sent to at least two other schools because the teen had siblings at other campuses.

"Madera Unified is grieving for one of its own. I would ask the community to put their collective arms around this family as they go through a very dark time," said Edward Gonzalez, Superintendent.

Police said the 14-year-old girl had been taken to the hospital by her brother after he discovered her dead inside a vehicle. Investigators said the girl had gone with her brother to school. He had an early class and she stayed behind in the vehicle because her class started an hour later.

Police said after school, the brother went back to his car to find his sister in the back seat.

Investigators said heat or an underlying medical condition may have played a role in her death.

While police are saying this is a suspicious death, they said there is no evidence to suggest the teen had been killed or took her own life. Madera Police are also looking over the car to see if the vehicle had any issues. For now they say this is a baffling case.

The Madera Police Department has identified the victim as 14-year-old Graciela Martinez.


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