Valley residents recount their experience from Colorado floods

FRESNO, Calif.

"Boulder proper and the areas around Boulder Creek, they were hit," Ed Dunkel said. Dunkel was in Boulder on business and decided to stay a few extra nights for the Fresno State game against the Colorado Buffalos. That game was cancelled because of the flooding and Dunkel says he understands why.

"It's going to take some time for them to repair what happened for sure," Dunkel said. "We were in a hotel and they told us to move to the second floor. Right around the corner from us there was a market and all the goods were into the street."

The University of Colorado's Folsom Field is fine according to officials. But they were worried about people getting to the game.

When Chris Shannon and Susan Leal left for Denver on Friday, the game was still on. Once they got off the plane, they were told the game was cancelled. They said they debated about going home, but decided to stay and make the best of their weekend.

"There was hardly any rain when we were there all weekend," Shannon said. "Then when we left it started raining."

"There was a lot of mud and a lot of stores and restaurants closed," Leal added. "Our hotel, the foundation was unearthed and uprooted."

The flooding started Wednesday night and nearly 19,000 homes have been destroyed or damaged.

The National Guard and Colorado law enforcement have helped 12,000 people evacuate the area.They have either flown them out in helicopters or driven them out in convoys.

Valley resident say it was easy to see why the college football game was cancelled.

"There were hardships going on that emergency crew had to attend to other than the game," Leal said.

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