Ex-Clovis police officer to stand trial for domestic violence charges

FRESNO, Calif.

The judge told Pennington he is serious about the restraining order he signed off on. He reminded him it is still in effect and violating it will have consequences.

Pennington showed up in a shirt and tie, hours after walking out of the Fresno County jail. He did not comment as he left. Hours earlier, Sanger police arrested him for violating a restraining order. Officers found the alleged victim he is accused of abusing at his home.

"I'm told they are not involved in a relationship anymore," said Pennington's attorney Marshall Hodgkins. "I'm told that this was an accommodation so to speak."

After a two day preliminary hearing, Judge David Gottlieb determined there is enough evidence to charge Pennington with four counts, including domestic violence and false imprisonment.

The prosecutor also informed the judge of his latest run in.

Pennington promised he will comply with the order.

Pennington's alleged victim pleaded the fifth, refusing to answer questions about what happened the day police were called to the home they shared.

Detectives told the court the defendant abused the victim in a way that left no evidence.

If Pennington is convicted of the current crimes he is facing, the maximum punishment is five years in prison.

Additional charges could be added based on his latest arrest.

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