Officer-involved shooting on Weber and Princeton in Fresno

FRESNO, Calif.

Investigators closed off the neighborhood along the 2200 block of Princeton Avenue in Central Fresno, for several hours as investigators processed the scene.

Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer said it began as a domestic violence disturbance call. Officers were dispatched to a mini-mart on the corner of Clinton and Marks around 6:30 after the report was put in.

Dyer said the suspect in the call was reportedly dressed in red and seen getting into a white compact. Officers spotted and followed the vehicle. Officers say two men got out of the car and ran in different directions.

Officers chased after the suspect in the case, while the other man got away.

"Both the officers made the right choice to chase the suspect," Dyer said.

The suspect cut through an apartment complex and jumped a fence. Dyer said after the suspect jumped the fence, a gun fell to the ground. The suspect reached for it, and the officer fired a shot and hit the suspect in the chin.

"We have some preliminary information that the suspect did point the handgun," Dyer said. "But we want to wait until all the interviews are done before we confirm that. But we know he was facing one of the officers with the handgun, when the officer fired."

Dyer said the suspect continued to run after he was shot, but Officers were able to arrest him. They say he will face charges once he is treated at the hospital.

"It will likely be assault with a deadly weapon as well as some gang enhancements for being armed with that firearm," Dyer said.

Police say they recovered the suspect's gun. They are trying to locate the victim of the domestic disturbance call.

They have not released the identity of the suspect. But say he is originally from the Chicago area and is a self-admitted gang member.

They say the officer that fired the shot is a veteran cop and he is on paid administrative leave as part of standard procedure.

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